Frequently Asked Questions


SPORT.INSURE is an online insurance service which specializes in insuring athletes. On our website you can purchase accident insurance within 7 minutes.

How does it work?

You have to select the sport you are involved in and such basic insurance options as insurance period, insured amount, etc. Then you should make payment by any method you like. After making payment you will receive an electronic version of your insurance policy by email.

What paragraphs are included in my insurance contract?

You can find the Insurance Rules on our website by clicking on the page “Documents”.

What is an electronic insurance policy?

The electronic insurance policies have the same legal status as the standard printed ones and are issued in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation. They are certified by facsimile original seal and signature. Since you have an opportunity to register insurance policies online, you no longer need to visit insurance company’s office. Click hereto see a sample.

How to make payment?

You are free to choose the payment method. We accept VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard, Maestro Mastercard and Mir.

Are there any additional fees?

No, we don’t charge any additional fees from your purchase. Moreover, if you buy an insurance policy through one of our partners, you can get a discount.

What data do I need to purchase an insurance policy?

In order to issue an insurance policy we need the following data: name of the athlete, date and place of birth, phone number and email. If the athlete is under 18, then it is necessary to provide the personal data of the policyholder (parents of the insured athlete, coaches or any other persons aged over 18).

How to receive my policy?

We will send your insurance policy to your email address immediately after receiving payment from you.

Do I need to print the policy?

If you have to show your policy to competitions’ organizers for verification, you can print it or show it on the screen of your smartphone. In order to apply to our support service, you just need to tell our employee the number that you can find on your insurance policy.

How to cancel the purchase of insurance?

Before the start of insurance period you can send an enquiry to and get your money back. We will transfer the funds to your bank account within 5-15 days, depending on your bank.

Insurance policies with insurance period of 1 day cannot be cancelled. The pre-paid insurance premium is non-refundable in this case.

Can I register insurance for other person?

Yes, you can purchase an insurance policy for your children, relatives, friends or any other persons. The Insurant can be any person aged over 18.

I am not Russian citizen. Can I purchase insurance?

Yes, foreign citizens may register insurance policies on our website.

I purchased insurance online on different website but received an email containing info related to SPORT.INSURE. In which company did I purchase my policy?

We cooperate with numerous partners. Among them are sports federations, schools, clubs, etc. If you have purchased insurance on one of their websites, you have run the SPORT.INSURE service. All these policies have the same status as the ones registered directly on SPORT.INSURE website.

Is it secure to make payments through your website?

Yes. The transfer of your card data is being performed using all necessary security functions. Your data is being transferred to the Bank's authorization server through a secure channel. After the encoded data has been sent, it is stored on a specialized server of the payment system only.