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Accident insurance for athletes

Today sports insurance is a necessity for each athlete. Voluntary sports insurance certificates are required by the Rules of all Sport Federations.

Sports insurance for trainings and competitions

Sports insurance offered by SPORT.INSURE covers all types of injuries, disability or death of the insured person as the result of an accident or while practicing sports during training session or at sport competitions.
Compulsory sports insurance is a necessary precautionary measure, which can defray not only the costs of treatment in the event of an accident but also the possible expenses needed for rehabilitation procedures.

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Travel insurance

Extended travel insurance programs include assistance in case of loss of documents or flight delay. Each insurance option covers the risks of accidents that might occur during vacation or while doing sports overseas.
Online insurance service SPORT.INSURE offers you four travel insurance programs with various coverage levels. Even the most inexpensive insurance policy covers big number of possible risks. Insurance compensates the costs of out-patient treatment, calling emergency service, medicines, in-patient treatment, urgent surgeries, transportation, etc.

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You can purchase insurance online on our website,
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Online insurance service SPORT.INSURE allows you to register sport insurance within 7 minutes!

After making payment, the insured person receives an email which contains a PDF file of electronic version of the insurance contract with “21 vek” insurance company.

All electronic insurance policies have the same legal status as standard policies issued offline at the office.

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The importance of sports insurance

You can never be sure that nothing unexpected can happen to you or to your loved ones. Everyone wants to hope for the best, but accidents during sport activities are very frequent and can be resulted by different unforeseen situations.

Quite often athletes injured during training sessions or at competition face serious financial problems, because in addition to losing their workability, they are forced to spend time and money on surgery, purchase of medicines and rehabilitation procedures in order to continue their sports career.

All this will be much easier to go through, if you register a sports insurance policy right in time. Accident sports insurance will become the only reliable option of feeling confident that in case of an injury sustained during regular training sessions or at official competitions, the insurance company will defray the costs of treatment and rehabilitation of an athlete.

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There are several types of sports insurance products:

  • Individual insurance. An athlete may choose all necessary options and insurance risks which suit his or her professional occupation. This type of insurance means an opportunity of maximum detailed selection of insurance for each particular athlete;
  • Group insurance is useful mostly for team insuring and is popular in many schools and sport clubs. This type of insurance also satisfies the demands of both athletes and ordinary tourists who travel in groups to different cities or foreign countries;
  • Compulsory health insurance is needed if an athlete is going to participate in competitions.

The total price depends on several factors:

Type of sport activities. The price is affected by the level of professional risk. Hazardous sport means higher insurance prices;

Athlete’s age also affects the final price of insurance. Adult professional athletes involved in regular sport activities are related to the category of high risk.

Children’s sports insurance

Children’s sports insurance can cover 24 hours 7 days a week. All-day accident insurance is available for all children aged 3 – 17.

This type of insurance covers not only accidents that might happen during training sessions or at competitions, but also everyday life activities 24 hours a day. It is very important when the children are in school, going out with friends or just playing in the backyard on the playground.

The best choice would be a yearly insurance which provides the maximum savings for the customers.

SPORT.INSURE gives the customers an opportunity to register a short-term insurance policy for participating in one single sports event.

Insurance compensations are paid out by the insurance company in accordance with the contract. The amount of insurance compensations depends on the severity of injury sustained by the insured person. The insurance company will pay compensation in full, basing on the table of payments.

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Sport insurance for roller skiing

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Children’s insurance for roller skiing

Taking into account the increasing popularity of roller skiing in our country, numerous youth sports clubs appear in different Russian cities every year. Children come to this sport at the age of 5. It is required by the coaches that when a child joins a sports school...

Where you can buy insurance for people who engage rolling skiing

You can purchase roller skiing insurance offline at the insurance companies’ offices in any region of the Russian Federation. However, it is not always possible for insurers to offer insurance products for each kind of sports...

Sports insurance for general physical training

General physical training of athletes is not just strength and speed improvement. This discipline can be called a separate sport, which allows you to prepare an athlete to make great achievements in any kind of sports...

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