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1 Oct 2018

Sport insurance for roller skiing

Roller skiing is a separate sport which consists of high-speed movement using roller skis. It is a rather young sport, but it has already gained considerable popularity among athletes and spectators...

1 Oct 2018

Children’s insurance for roller skiing

Taking into account the increasing popularity of roller skiing in our country, numerous youth sports clubs appear in different Russian cities every year. Children come to this sport at the age of 5. It is required by the coaches that when a child joins a sports school...

1 Oct 2018

Where you can buy insurance for people who engage rolling skiing

You can purchase roller skiing insurance offline at the insurance companies’ offices in any region of the Russian Federation. However, it is not always possible for insurers to offer insurance products for each kind of sports...

28 Sep 2018

Sports insurance for general physical training

General physical training of athletes is not just strength and speed improvement. This discipline can be called a separate sport, which allows you to prepare an athlete to make great achievements in any kind of sports...

28 Sep 2018

Insurance to the child for the general physical training

Many parents, who haven’t yet chosen the sport for their children, bring them to sports schools for general physical training. And they are actually right, because general physical training is the first step on the way to successful sports career in the future...

28 Sep 2018

Purchase sports insurance for general physical training

Many clients who decide to purchase general physical training insurance often ask what kind of compensations is provided under this type of insurance...