Children’s insurance for roller skiing

Taking into account the increasing popularity of roller skiing in our country, numerous youth sports clubs appear in different Russian cities every year. Children come to this sport at the age of 5. It is required by the coaches that when a child joins a sports school, he or she needs children’s roller skiing insurance. This requirement is dictated by the high risk of injuries.

All-day children’s insurance

Children's insurance is an individual insurance product which was created in accordance with the risks of children's injuries. offers you children's insurance policies with all-day coverage, which means that money compensations are guaranteed regardless of the circumstance and location of accident. You can purchase children's sports insurance for roller skiing within a few minutes after providing all the necessary documents for insurance contract registration. At the same time, insurance will be valid worldwide and insurance compensations can be received in the event of an accident that occurs during training sessions, at school or even at home.

Why is it necessary to insure the children for roller skiing

Any kind of professional sports activities demands from athletes to be insured. This requirement is dictated not only by the risk of accidents, but also by the demand of organizers of youth sports competitions, tournaments and training camps. An uninsured child is not allowed to participate in sports events and this means that he or she can’t participate in important competitions which might have huge meaning for sporting career. In the event of an insurance case, insurance payouts are provided within 14 days from the date of application and receipt of all necessary documents.

The price of children’s insurance for roller skiing