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Ballroom dance

16 May 2018

Accident insurance for ballroom dance

Why is it so important to be covered with ballroom dance insurance? The accident insurance policies for ballroom dance (dance sport) are necessary in order to protect a dancer...

16 May 2018

Children’s insurance for ballroom dance

Each insurance company makes its own list of necessary papers. But it is not so long: parents’ or tutors’ ID; birth certificate or passport of the person who has to be insured....

16 May 2018

Purchase a sport insurance policy for ballroom dance

You can purchase ballroom dance insurance either at the insurance company’s office or online on the SPORT.INSURE website; If you choose our online service, you have to operate in...

16 May 2018

Sport insurance policies for travelling abroad for ballroom dancers

The significance of the sport insurance policies for travelling abroad is determined by the increasing risk of traumatism during the training process or ballroom dance...