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Speed skating

15 May 2018

Sports insurance for speed skating

Such winter sports as short track and speed skating have become more popular among children in recent years. However, these sports are quite traumatic, so you should to understand...

15 May 2018

Children’s sports insurance for speed skating

Children who are involved in speed skating are at risk of sustaining various injuries every day. Children’s speed skating insurance is a necessity that guarantees professional...

15 May 2018

Purchase sports insurance for speed skating

Before you purchase speed skating insurance, you need to know how the amounts of payouts are determined and how the price of the certificate is formed. Many customers don’t pay...

15 May 2018

The types of speed skating insurance

For different purposes there are several types of sports insurance for speed skating. SPORT.INSURE offers some of these types at a special tariff for skaters and short trackers....