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Horse racing

15 May 2018

Sports insurance for horse racing

If you are interested in online horse racing insurance, you can order a policy through the SPORT.INSURE service. We specialize in insuring athletes. Accident insurance for horse...

15 May 2018

Children’s sports insurance for horse racing

Each sports school or junior sport club is responsible for the health of the children. That’s why children’s horse racing insurance is a necessary document for participation in...

15 May 2018

Purchase sports insurance for horse riding

Many people, who are fond of horseback riding, think about insurance protection in case of injuries. The easiest option is to purchase horse racing insurance online, by applying...

15 May 2018

The types of sports insurance for horse racing

Sports insurance is one of the key conditions for access to competitions of both national and international level. It is impossible to avoid all risks of injuries in horse riding....