What to do in the event of an insurance case

In order to receive compensation you have to follow these steps:

  1. If you sustain an injury you have to apply immediately to heath facility for medical care.
  2. In order to apply for insurance compensation after receiving treatment you need to get medical report, which should contain the following information:
    • Name, Date of Birth
    • Date of injury
    • Date of requesting medical care
    • Complete diagnosis
    • Description of treatment
    • Date of issuance of medical report
    • Medical documents have to be issued properly
  3. You have to apply to 21 vek for insurance payoff using the form provided by the insurer (Download) by email loss@21-vek.spb.ru.
  4. Following documents have to be attached:
    • Insurance contract (policy)
    • Reports from medical institutions (see paragraph 2)
    • Confirmation of accident (in cases when it is required by the Law)
    • Confirmation of disability (if needed)
    • ID of the insured person (passport)
    • Birth certificate and parent’s ID (if the insured person is under 18)
    • Bank account information (for funds transfer)

In order to receive health insurance compensation while staying abroad, you need to do the following:

  1. If you need emergency medical assistance while staying abroad, contact immediately the 24-hour service center under one of the service company phone numbers.

    +7 (812) 640-72-92

    +7 (812) 644-72-92

    +7 (495) 984-80-86

    +7 (812) 339-21-86.

    You will have to provide the following information:
    • Name and date of birth of the insured person.
    • Insurance policy number and insurance period.
    • Describe your problem, complaints and tell what kind of medical or other assistance is required.
    • Leave your contact information (cell phone numbers).
    • Inform about the current location of the insured person (hotel address, room, etc.) If the insured person is already in a hospital, then information about the medical institution is required (name, address, department, etc.).
    • Follow the instructions of the service company.
    • IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!!!! The insured person (or representative) has to report the service company about the accident in order to make it possible that the company/insurer is able to provide timely required assistance. It is also required to report the service company/insurer about the situation as soon as possible within 24 hours after the accident in order to approve the expenses. You can find the service company/insurer contact information in your insurance contract.

  2. In case of self-payment for medical expenses, the Insured person (representative) has to apply to the Insurer for compensation of these expenses, using a special form provided by the Insurer (download sample) with attachment of the following documents (or legally approved copies):
    • Insurance contract;
    • Insured person’s ID card, which should contain border control marks;
    • medical documents (bills and reports from medical institutions) containing the personal data of the Insured person; description of the diagnosis; health status of the Insured person at the time of applying for medical assistance; name and requisites of the medical institution or the name and contact information of the attending physician; price list of provided medical services, consumables and medicines (separately by date and price or by a package of medical services in accordance with international pricing systems of inpatient medical services); medical prescriptions and documents which confirm the payment;
    • official record or report confirming the fact of an accident (or injury) and the description of its circumstances (if such papers were compiled), as well as any other documents confirming the occurrence of the insurance case and its grade;
    • financial documents confirming the fact of payment for medical or other services (payment stamp, confirmation from the bank about money transfers, cash receipts);
    • documents confirming the expenses for phone calls made by the Insured person to phone numbers listed in the insurance contract;
    • travel cards or other documents confirming the cost of travel cards;
    • documents confirming the payment of consular fee for making a copy of lost documents;
    • reports from the carrier confirming the delay or loss/damage of the baggage;
    • record about road accident confirming the loss or damage of the baggage;
    • bills confirming the payment of transportation and hotel expenses;
    • The policy holder has the right to provide additional documents confirming the occurrence of the insurance case and related expenses.
  3. Applications for insurance compensations may be submitted on weekdays to 191014, Russia, St. Petersburg, Liteyny pr. 57a, lit. А; E-mail: vzr@21-vek.spb.ru

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!!!! The deadline for submitting the application for insurance compensations with attachment of the original documents is 30 (thirty) days from the date of the return from the trip, during which the insurance case occurred.

Compensations are being paid within 14 days after provision of all necessary documents and performing all aforementioned steps by the insured person in cases when no causes for delay detected.

Thousands of our clients, who had experienced insurance cases, have received insurance compensations. Insurance "21 vek" makes daily a huge number of payments without any disruptions or unsubstantiated delays. We appreciate the trust of our clients!

Here you can find the complete list of documents needed for application for insurance compensation.

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