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Alpine skiing

8 May 2018

Sport insurance policies for Alpine skiing

In the last few decades, Alpine skiing has become very popular in our country. More and more children get engaged in downhill, slalom and freestyle. A lot of new professional...

8 May 2018

Children’s sport insurance policies for Alpine skiing

It is important to understand that children’s Alpine skiing insurance is not a whim of parents, coaches or doctors but a vital necessity, which can make a young athlete feel...

8 May 2018

The types of the sport insurance policies for Alpine skiing

If you are a fan of extreme sports, you should take care of your own safety and think about the consequences of fallings and injuries. That’s why it is of fundamental importance...

8 May 2018

The most common injuries in Alpine skiing and their causes

Doing sports in general, and Alpine skiing, in particular, means the existence of permanent risk of getting injured. Among the basic causes of injuries is the athletes’ lack of...

8 May 2018

Purchase a sport insurance policy for Alpine skiing

Today it is easy to purchase sports insurance for Alpine skiing. Almost all insurance companies offer this kind of services. In practice, there are two options of purchase: online...