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23 Mar 2018

Purchase a sport insurance policy for boxing

What is better: purchase a sport insurance policy online or at the office? Many people still think that it is insecure to deal with online services that offer quick purchase...

23 Mar 2018

The most common injuries in boxing and their causes

Taking into account the high risk of injuries in boxing, the boxing federations demand all the boxers to be insured against accidents (sport insurance policies). The sport...

23 Mar 2018

The types of the sport insurance policies for boxing

Both professional and amateur boxing always involve a high risk of injuries. Only the insured boxers are allowed to participate in competitions and tournaments. Sport.Insure is a...

23 Mar 2018

Sport insurance policies for Boxing

The accident insurance policies are important for every athlete in any kind of sports. The boxing clubs are responsible for both adult and young members. The coaches and managers...

23 Mar 2018

Children’s sport insurance policies for boxing

Purchase of a sport insurance policy online on Sport.Insure website is a smart way to secure your child if he’s a member of a youth boxing club. Insuring the children for boxing...