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15 May 2018

Sport insurance policies for karate

Accident insurance is an agreement between an insurer and insured persons. This agreement guarantees money compensations in case the insured person suffers an injury or other...

15 May 2018

Children’s sports insurance for karate

Children’s karate insurance has become a necessity nowadays, especially if a child is involved in contact martial arts. Children can get injured during training sessions, and the...

15 May 2018

Purchase a sport insurance policy for karate

Karate is a tough contact sport, where injuries during training, sparring or at competitions are not uncommon. The key point to be taken into account is the possibility of...

15 May 2018

The types of the sport insurance policies for karate

Active sport, especially full-contact martial arts like karate means potential risk of getting injured. Athletes can sustain various injuries during training sessions and...

15 May 2018

The most common injuries in karate and the causes of injuries

The most common injuries that karateka suffer from are bruises, concussions, tubular bone fractures, injuries of the upper and lower limbs, broken ribs injuries of internal...