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21 May 2018

Sports insurance for athletics

Sport is an important part of life for the people who want to keep fit and stay healthy. However, despite the positive impact of the sport, it is often related to injuries...

21 May 2018

Children’s sports insurance for athletics

Children’s accident insurance for athletics is an extended version of adult sports insurance. Since children require enhanced protection, children’s insurance policies cover not...

21 May 2018

Purchase sports insurance for athletics

Athletics insurance can be purchased both at the office (standard version) and online. Each of these options has its own pros and cons. So, registering insurance at the office,...

21 May 2018

The most common injuries in athletics. Causes of injuries

An insurance policy for athletics covers any injuries that athletes might sustain during training sessions and competitions. Depending on the type of training, athletes can face...

21 May 2018

The types of sports insurance for athletics

The most popular types of athletics insurance are travel insurance and accident insurance. Travel insurance is an insurance policy for traveling to foreign countries. It is needed...