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30 Mar 2018

The types of the sport insurance policies for volleyball

Registering a sport insurance policy is no longer an innovation, but an attribute of every adult responsible person. The insurance makes you feel sure that in case you pick up a...

30 Mar 2018

The most common injuries in volleyball and their causes

The most common injuries in volleyball matches are the following: Ankle injuries; Bruises and finger bone fractures; Shoulder dislocations and subluxations; Knee injuries;...

30 Mar 2018

Purchase a sport insurance policy for volleyball

Our customers often ask which way of purchase of sport insurance for volleyball is better – online or offline at the office. We can assure you that using the online service is...

30 Mar 2018

Sport insurance policies for volleyball

Accidents are always undesirable. Accidents may result in diseases and further disability. Especially, if it is a question of sports, where various injuries, bruises, etc. are...

30 Mar 2018

Children’s sport insurance policies for volleyball

Volleyball is one of the most favorite games among children, as it teaches them not only teamwork, but also teaches them to strategize their actions and trains accuracy and...