buy sports insurance for alpine skiing

Today it is easy to purchase sports insurance for Alpine skiing. Almost all insurance companies offer this kind of services. In practice, there are two options of purchase: online or offline at the company’s office. The second option has become less popular in our country because it is associated with considerable time and financial losses.

Where can you purchase a sport insurance policy for Alpine skiing?

  • More and more people choose the online insurance services, including SPORT.INSURE. Why is online purchase so attractive? You don’t need to visit any offices looking for suitable insurance options. In some cases you may have to visit the same office repeatedly.
  • The whole procedure of registration doesn’t take long and you can always apply our employees for detailed consultations.
  • The form of payment is up to the client.

How to prolong a sport insurance policy for Alpine skiing?

You don’t need to go anywhere. You can just visit our SPORT.INSURE website and enter the necessary data.

What should an insurance policy for Alpine skiing contain?

  • Kind of sports.
  • Insurance period (1 day – 1 year).
  • Insurance amount.
  • Name, date of birth and other personal data of the insured person.

The policies are being sent via the email and have the same legal force as standard papers. All the policies can be verified by the coaches, instructors at ski resorts or competition organizers.

The price of the sport insurance policies for Alpine skiing