Sports insurance for roller skiing

Roller skiing is a separate sport which consists of high-speed movement using roller skis. It is a rather young sport, but it has already gained considerable popularity among athletes and spectators. Athletes can reach speed of up to 45-60 km / h at competitions and this means a certain risk of getting injured. Roller skiing is needed not only for participation in competitions, but also in daily training sessions, because high-speed is always a hazard of sustaining a serious injury.

Injuries in rollers skiing. Causes of injuries

There are several groups of occupational injuries in roller skiing. Such injuries are often sustained by the athletes and are included in the standard list of insurance risks of sports insurance. The most common injuries are:

  • Sprains.
  • Dislocations.
  • Torn knee ligaments.
  • Spine injuries.

These are the injuries of medium severity, which are common for such kinds of sports as running, skiing and roller skating. However, the people who are involved in such sports activities often face another group of. Falling onto solid asphalt cover at high speed may result in such serious injuries as:

  • Craniocerebral injuries.
  • Spinal fracture.
  • Limbs fractures.
  • Facial injuries.

According to the coaches, such fallings occur mostly because of lack of movement coordination. Most often athletes fall when descending as they reach the highest possible speed. That’s why the coaches recommend the athletes to purchase online sports insurance online which covers all types of accidents in order to have an opportunity to receive money compensations in the event of an accident.

Insurance coverage in roller skiing

The insurance coverage depends on the type of insurance. Accident sports insurance covers the cases of sustaining various injuries, disability or death of an athlete during training sessions, at competitions, at home or while staying abroad. An extended insurance policy may include additional insurance risks according to athletes’ demands. offers all types of sports insurance for roller skiing. At the same time, all our insurance policies are valid not only in Russia, but also outside of our country. You can calculate the price of insurance and purchase it online on our website. We also offer you a group insurance program for insuring sports teams. Each participant receives an individual insurance policy that meets all the requirements of the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation.

The price of sports insurance for roller skiing