Purchase insurance for general physical training

Many clients who decide to purchase general physical training insurance often ask what kind of compensations is provided under this type of insurance.

This is not surprising, because on the one hand, general physical training is not an Olympic sport, and on the other hand it includes the same physical loads and injuries as other types of sports training. Sport insurance offered by SPORT.INSURE covers all types of accidents that might happen in general physical training. An insurance policy for this discipline is a rather specific product that only a few insurers can offer.

Where to purchase insurance for general physical training

You can apply for an online policy for general physical training on our website. We are ready to offer you special tariffs for this particular sport. The amounts of insurance compensations will depend on several factors which also affect the final prices of insurance certificates:

  • Insurance period.
  • Insured amount.
  • Athlete’s age.
  • Kind of sports.
  • Insurance coverage.

Purchasing sports insurance for general physical training online, you can find out its price in advance by entering the necessary data into a special calculator from. When calculating the price, it is important to enter all your data correctly. The final cost is not subject to be changed change when signing the contract.

Purchase at insurer’s office

Several large insurance companies in our country can offer you to purchase a policy for general physical training at their offices. However offline purchase is associated with some inconvenience. You will have to visit the company’s office personally, spend your personal time on the way and possible waiting. In this case, you can find out the price of insurance only when you sign the insurance contract.

For this reason, buying a policy online is the most convenient way of insuring. At the same time, all insurance certificates issued by sport.insure are official documents that meet the standards of the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation.

The price of sports insurance for general physical training