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22 мар 2018

Purchase a sport insurance policy for basketball

You can purchase a sport insurance policy for basketball at any insurance company that you know or that is advised by your friends or colleagues. The best thing is when you decision is based on...

22 мар 2018

The types of the sport insurance policies for basketball

The differences in types of sport insurance policies for basketball. What is a sport insurance policy for travelling abroad for basketball players? This is a type of sport insurance policies which...

22 мар 2018

The most common injuries in basketball and their causes

Taking into account the nature of this kind of sport, the cases of injuries in basketball are obvious: players’ collisions and fallings. The most common injuries are...

22 мар 2018

Children’s sport insurance policies for basketball

Numerous collisions are unavoidable during trainings. The children are often too excited, they are less flexible and they can’t always evade the hits of the opponent. All this leads to...

22 мар 2018

Sport insurance policies for Basketball

Basketball is an active and contact sport, where physical contacts with opponents are no less important parts of the game as teamwork. Such activities often lead to various injuries because player’s muscles and nerves are...