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11 май 2018

Sport insurance policies for Judo

Our insurance policies meet all requirements of the current law and the rules established by sport federations. The insurance defends not only the rights of athletes, but also the rights of those, who are responsible for organizing training process and...

11 май 2018

Children’s sport insurance policies for judo

Insurance for children aged under 18 includes significantly bigger list of insurance risks. It means that insurance covers all accidents that might occur during sport events. There are two types of insurance offered for participation in training...

11 май 2018

Purchase a sport insurance policy for judo

You can purchase sports insurance for judo online on our website or offline if you like to visit our office. SPORT.INSURE offers you fair prices and convenient conditions of insuring. Online registration is much quicker as it requires minimum...

11 май 2018

The most common injuries in judo

The most common injuries in judo are bruises, ruptured skin, knee injuries, dislocations, bone fractures, etc. Such accidents might occur because of improper technique. Of performing different elements during a...

11 май 2018

The types of the insurance policies for judo

The system of sports insuring is regulated by the law. The basic types of judo insurance are travel insurance and accident insurance. The first type is referred to the category of insurance for the athletes who participate in sport events that take...