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11 май 2018

Sport insurance policies for kayak-paddling

Kayak-paddling is an Olympic sport that means the athletes racing on special boats. Sports insurance for kayak-paddling is a necessity for every athlete involved in this sport because water sports especially mean considerable risks of...

11 май 2018

Children’s sport insurance policies for kayak-paddling

Kayak-paddling has become one of the most popular kinds of sports among children and teenagers. There are sport clubs in almost every Russian city. In order to become a member of one of them, a child has to be...

11 май 2018

Purchase a sport insurance policy for kayak-paddling

Nowadays you don’t need to go anywhere looking for a specialized insurance company in order to purchase insurance for kayak-paddling. Sport insurance portal SPORT.INSURE suggests you to buy both children’s and adult insurance policies at...