Children’s insurance for petanque

Petanque is one of the safest sports for children. This is the reason why many parents bring their children to petanque clubs. However children’s petanque insurance is required for being allowed to join the club. This requirement is explained not only by the increased risks of children’s injuries, but also by the fact that children often go to competitions, participate in international tournaments, and all the event organizers demand each participant to be insured.

The necessity of children’s sports insurance for petanque

For those parents whose children are petanque clubs members, there is a unique opportunity to cover their children with insurance for all possible situations. 24-hour insurance will provide the receipt of insurance compensation in case of an accident that might occur not only during training, but also at school, outdoors and even at home. Children's all-day insurance certificate can be purchased online on our website. 24-hour insurance is available for petanque players aged under 18.

Coaches demand the children to be insured

In accordance with the current law, only insured young athletes are allowed to participate in professional competitions, including petanque tournaments. So, coaches’ demands are justified. You can apply for an insurance policy online on The procedure takes a few minutes and you can find out the final price of the insurance policy using a special online insurance calculator.

The price of children’s insurance for petanque