Purchase sports insurance for paintball

You can purchase paintball insurance at any time of the day within just a few minutes on the website of specialized sports insurance company SPORT.INSURE. Online insurance may be required in the following situations:

  • When traveling to foreign countries.
  • For participation in sports competitions.
  • When entering a sports school.

Paintball insurance is often urgently required, because the decision of participation is taken literally a few days before the start of the tournament. In such cases, there is no time to go to various insurance companies and choose the most favorable insurance conditions. Besides, the prices of insurance policies at different companies can significantly differ.

The most attractive options of paintball insurance

The best offer is special tariff for online paintball insurance. The individual tariff has a big influence on the final price of insurance, because it takes into account the risk of accidents in this particular sport. When calculating the price of a policy, SPORT.INSURE  takes into account many factors, but special tariffs for different sports allow to significantly reduce the prices of the certificates due to low risks accidents.

You can find out the price of sports insurance before signing the contract, using a special calculator. So, the price of the certificate is individual for each athlete and depends on the age, type of insurance, insurance coverage and kind of sports. Having purchased a policy online, you will receive a state-recognized certificate that has full legal force in any country of the world.

The price of sports insurance for paintball