Purchase sports insurance for powerlifting

Properly issued powerlifting insurance provides the insured athletes with payouts in certain amounts in the event of an insurance case. The procedure of insuring is performed in strict accordance with the current law and this guarantees the fulfillment of all insurers’ obligations.

What does the total amount of insurance payouts depend on

The total amount of insurance compensation in powerlifting depends on the insured amount of the contract and on the severity of sustained injury. Serious injuries mean bigger amounts of insurance compensations.

How to purchase powerlifting insurance

sport.insure gives you a unique opportunity for online registration of powerlifting insurance. The service is provided keeping all the guarantees of standard insurance. The documents are being issued quickly in the online mode. Applying to our service, an athlete doesn’t have to waste his or her time collecting various papers. All operations are performed remotely within just a few minutes, and the price of insurance is significantly lower than at the offices of the insurance companies.

After signing the contract and making payment, the electronic policy is being sent to the client via e-mail. The received online insurance policy for powerlifting means a 100% guarantee of timely insurance compensations in case of sustaining an injury. It is enough to print the received document using an ordinary printer, and it will be accepted by the managers and coaches of any sports schools and powerlifting clubs.

The price of sports insurance for powerlifting