Greco-Roman wrestling insurance

Greco-Roman wrestling is one of the most popular contact sports which attract a lot of people all around the world. A wrestler is supposed to be excellent physically trained, because Greco-Roman wrestling includes heavy overloads and complex elements. All this can lead to various injuries which may cause long-term disability of an athlete.

Sports insurance for Greco-Roman wrestlers is the key factor of providing safety of the athletes during training sessions and competitions. The sport insurance is meant for defraying the expenses that may be needed for restoring health. That’s why it is so important to have a valid certificate.   

The most common injuries in Greco-Roman wrestling:   

  • Shoulders and lower back injuries. Such injuries occur in most occasions while performing various throwings and holds (it is especially dangerous, because it may lead to serious consequences).
  • Knee and feet injuries. Wrestler can pick up such injuries when falling on each other (it happens quite rare but are also rather dangerous).   

The insurance policies for Greco-Roman wrestling provide compensations in certain amounts in case of picking up various injuries which have classification and should be included in the contract.

Money compensations are paid in such cases as:  

  • Various injuries (the amount of payoffs depends on injuries’ severity and type);
  • Permanent disability as a result of an injury; death of the insured person followed after an accident (in this case 100% of the insured amount is paid out).

The most popular types of insurance for Greco-Roman wrestling

Today there is a line of insurance policies which are valid through different time frames (participation in certain competitions, training period, etc.). However, yearly insurance certificates are the most popular ones, as the athletes are have protection though 12 months.   

Everyone can quickly and easily calculate the final price of the insurance policy online on our website and purchase the policy without leaving home. Our qualified employees are always online and you have an opportunity to get the answers to all of your questions.

The price of the sport insurance policies for Greco-Roman wrestling