Children’s insurance for pankration

Timely and properly issued children’s pankration insurance will keep you away from lots of problems. In particular, it will help you avoid confrontations with the coaching staff, which are responsible for children’s insurance verification. Each coach or chief of a sports organization takes on personal responsibility for the children at their sports schools or clubs. That’s why they haves no right to allow the uninsured children to take part in training sessions or competitions.

It makes no sense to argue or complain. After all sports insurance is a guarantee of financial protection for a child who has suffered from an accident. He or she is guaranteed money compensation to defray in whole or in part the costs of medical care, treatment or rehabilitation procedures.

Children’s traumatism in pankration

Young athletes often sustain different injuries. It is explained by the fact that they don’t always follow all coaches’ requirements and safety regulations. In general, any martial art has its own level of traumatism. It is impossible to exclude the risk of physical injuries. Children hit each other during full contact fights and perform techniques that may lead to various injuries.

You can speed up the procedure of insurance registration applying to our company and purchase children's sports insurance for pankration online. employees are ready to tell you about the following types of insurance policies:

  • Accident insurance;
  • Travel insurance.

The price of each policy is determined individually.

The price of children’s insurance for pankration