Sports insurance for pankration

Athletes, who need pankration insurance, often don’t understand the advantages it gives and why the coaching staff insists on purchasing such certificates.

It should be taken into account that pankration is a martial art. Physical injuries are quite normal. Every professional or amateur athlete may face injuries through the season. Some of these injuries may result in short- or long-term disability.

The origins of this martial art date back to ancient Greece. In 648 BC it was the part of the classic Olympics. There is a legend that tells that young Plato became champion in this discipline.

Let's get back to sports insurance, which has to be issued for each club or sports organization member. Pankration insurance is a must due to the fact that any force majeure situations are possible during training sessions, competitions or shows. Since coaches and event organizers are responsible for wrestlers, they require each participant to be covered with insurance.

Injuries in pankration

Slight, medium and serious physical injuries are common for pankration, especially when it comes to full contact. You should remember that throwings, kicks and punches are allowed in this sport. All this can lead to the following consequences:

  • Maxillofacial and craniocerebral injuries;
  • Dislocations, bone fractures and sprains;
  • Bruises;
  • Internal organs injuries.
  • Eye injuries.

A fight consists of two five-minute rounds during which each fighter does and gets so many punches and kicks that it is impossible to predict the level of risk of getting seriously injured.

Coverage of pankration insurance

Having decided to purchase pankration insurance, our clients are interested in the terms of providing insurance compensations. Each certificate is unique. You can specify all situations in which you are guaranteed financial support to pay for treatment, diagnostic procedures, hospitalization and rehabilitation.

The maximum amount is provided in case of death or permanent disability. Compensations are also paid out in case of sustaining slight, medium and serious physical injuries.

There are four basic types of insurance policies. Standard compulsory health insurance; extended voluntary health insurance; accident insurance and travel insurance for athletes who participate in international sports competitions that take place in foreign countries.  employees will tell you in detail about the peculiarities of each insurance certificate, your rights, opportunities and prices of each product. The registration is simple and it is not necessary to collect numerous papers.

The price of sports insurance for pankration