Children’s insurance for spearfishing

Spearfishing is getting more and popular among young athletes every year. Joining a sports club, your child has to be covered with children’s spearfishing insurance. Young athletes have to be insured not only for the duration of sports competitions, but also at daily training sessions which include various strength exercises, a program of general physical training and underwater activities.

24 hour insurance certificates

Children’s all-day insurance is a necessity in modern life because children and teenagers are more prone to injuries resulted by various accidents. All-day children's insurance for spearfishing covers not only all the existing risks of sports injuries, but also accidents that might occur in everyday life.

You can register children's insurance online on our website right before the start of a tournament or before entering a sports club. The procedure of purchase will take just a few minutes and after completing the registration your policy will become available in the electronic form.

Why do the instructors demand the children to be covered with insurance

Many parents face a situation when a child is not allowed to participate in training sessions without being insured. However, such requirements are completely justified. The current law of the Russian Federation prescribes children’s sports insurance is a must. For this reason instructors have the right to suspend the uninsured children from training process and competitions. 24 hour children's insurance online provides your child with admission to daily training sessions, the right of participation in various tournaments and trips to sports events that take place abroad.

The price of children’s insurance for spearfishing