Purchase sports insurance for spearfishing

With purchase of spearfishing insurance you gain the right to receive monetary compensations in the event of an insurance case. You can apply for a policy either in a traditional way offline at the office of any insurance company or online on our website.

Online insurance can be purchased by athletes, coaches, parents or even athlete’s friends. You will need valid passport data of the insured person in order to apply for an insurance certificate. You will also have to choose the type of insurance, insurance period and set the insured amount. After entering all the necessary data in the online calculator, the system will calculate the final price of your policy. You can make payment choosing the suitable payment method.

Pricing of spearfishing insurance

The price of online insurance on our website basically depends on the insurance period. In this case, long-term insurance is the most favorable option. The price of insurance is being calculated in accordance with the age of the insured athlete, insured amount and list of additional options. Our service offers you special tariffs for spearfishing insurance which takes into account the level of risks of getting injured while doing this sport.

Insurance payouts

Insurance payments from SPORT.INSURE are calculated individually as a percentage of the amount contracted. Depending on the type and severity of the sustained injury, you can receive 1% - 100% of the insured amount. According to the contract, money compensations are paid out within 14 days from the date of application and in case of providing all necessary documents.

The price of sports insurance for spearfishing