Children’s insurance for beach volleyball

Beach sports always attract children and teenagers. Beach volleyball is no exception. According to statistics, beach volleyball is in top 10 most popular sports among teenagers in Russia. If a teenager decides to get involved in this sport at a professional level, children’s beach volleyball insurance will be required for participation in his or her first training.

Why should the children be insured to play beach volleyball

Professional beach volleyball, like any other sport, is always associated with the risks of sustaining various injuries. Injuries are mostly picked up by those young athletes who don’t know how to deal with physical overloads properly, don’t handle their bodies well enough and don’t have enough playing skills. That’s why coaches always require the children to be covered with sports insurance before joining a sports club.

Moreover, children’s insurance is also necessary for admission to various tournaments, competitions and training camps. A child cannot be allowed to go abroad without an insurance policy and will be suspended from participation in sports events. Today coaches recommend parents to purchase 24 hour insurance with worldwide coverage for their children.

You can register children's insurance online on our website within a few minutes. In this case, you can purchase all-day insurance for a period of 1 day up to 1 year. All insurance policies issued by our company are valid in all countries of the world. Having purchased a 24/7 insurance policy you will receive money compensation in the event of an insurance case, regardless of the time and place of the accident.

The price of children’s insurance for beach volleyball