Purchase sports insurance for beach volleyball

It is often necessary to purchase beach volleyball insurance urgently, for example, before the start of an important tournament or before going to a foreign country. In such cases, there is no time to visit insurer's office and look for the most favorable conditions. The way out of this situation is online insurance for volleyball players which can be bought online on SPORT.INSURE for a special price. You can register an insurance policy on our website using any device connected to the Internet within a few of minutes.

We offer you the following types of insurance certificates:

  • 1 day – few days for participation in certain competitions.
  • Yearly insurance for daily training sessions.
  • Travel insurance for active recreation.
  • Adult insurance with worldwide coverage (up to 1 year).
  • All-day children’s insurance.

After making payment you will receive your certificate via e-mail and all insurance data immediately get into the unified insurance database. It means that your policy becomes active right after completing the registration.

Pricing of beach volleyball insurance

The price of insurance depends on several pricing factors. The basic one is the level of risks in each particular sport. There is a special tariff for beach volleyball which takes into account the low risks of injuries in this discipline. The price of the policy also depends on the type of insurance, insurance period and insured amount. The price can be calculated individually using our online calculator. The amounts of insurance payouts are also calculated individually in accordance with the table of payments and depend on the severity of injuries and the amount contracted.

The price of children’s insurance for beach volleyball