croquet insurance for children

Croquet has been gaining considerable popularity among children in our country in recent years. Children can start playing at the age of 5. Before a child is allowed to join a club the coach strictly requires a certain package of documents, which includes children’s croquet insurance. Children's insurance for croquet is a necessity for participation in daily training sessions and various tournaments and competitions.

Why should the children be insured to play croquet?

At first glance, croquet is absolutely safe for children, but this does not exclude the risk of an accident during daily training process or at competitions. Injuries in this game are usually slight however children might sustain serious injuries which may require treatment. Moreover, children can get injured not only while doing sports, because at school and even at home, a child might always get into dangerous situation.

All-day children’s insurance

Today, the parents of children who play croquet have an excellent opportunity to purchase children's insurance online with 24 hours coverage. Such insurance policy will cover all the risks of injuries, regardless of the time of day and child’s location. Insurance is valid all around the world, and therefore your child has no need for additional insurance for travelling to foreign countries.

You can purchase children's insurance on our website within just a few minutes, which means that you can register a policy right before travelling abroad, participating in a tournament or regular training session. After you make payment, you will receive an electronic version of the policy, and all its insurance data will get immediately into the unified insurance database.

The price of the children's sport insurance policies for croquet