insurance policy for croquet

Croquet is a game where participants have to send the ball, using special mallets through so-called hoops, placed on the court in a certain order. This game is not associated with high risks of injuries, however each player has to get croquet insurance. This document is necessary if an athlete decides to join a club and it is also strictly required for his or her participation in different tournaments and competitions.

The most common injuries in croquet

Injuries in croquet are not that uncommon, contrary to the popular opinion that this game is not traumatic. Injuries are caused basically by ignoring safety regulations when a player strikes the ball without making sure that other players have left the court. The most common croquet injuries are:

  • Tissue bruises.
  • Facial injuries.
  • Sprains.
  • Dislocations.

Croquet insurance covers these and other possible risks of sustaining a sudden injury as a result of an accident during training sessions or at competitions. You can purchase insurance for croquet online on our website for a period of 24 hours up to 12 months.

The coverage of accident insurance for croquet

Accident sports insurance offered to you on our website has worldwide coverage. This allows the croquet players to travel without any worries to competitions that take place abroad, having purchased an online accident insurance policy. Depending on its type, insurance may cover the following risks:

  • Accidents.
  • Physical injuries.
  • Hospitalization and treatment.
  • Rehabilitation procedures.
  • Disability of any category.
  • Critical disease as a result of an accident.
  • Death caused by physical injuries.

You can buy sports insurance online on our site before the start of competitions or travelling to foreign country. The issuance of the policy takes approximately 7 minutes, and after you make payment, all insurance data is being immediately transferred to the unified insurance database. Your policy will be sent to your email address and you can save or print it if you like.

The types of sports insurance for croquet

Our company offers you several types of croquet insurance. Different insurance options, coverage and periods are available for both adults and children. This allows you to select the suitable insurance for various purposes. Sports insurance issued by SPORT.INSURE has full legal status and meets all requirements of the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation.

The price of the sport insurance policies for croquet