Sports insurance for polyathlon

Polyathlon is a rather popular sport, which includes whole sets of exercises from various sports.

Each of them has his own risk of injuries, which affect athlete's workability and put him or her out of action for a long time. Polyathlon insurance is an effective tool for receiving qualified medical care and quick restoring athlete’s health conditions. 

The most common injuries in polyathlon

  • Musculoskeletal system.

Most of the injuries affect musculoskeletal system. Numerous bruises, sprains and other injuries are also not uncommon.

  • Various bone fractures.

Most of the injuries affect ankle, forearm and clavicle. Treatment of these injuries is rather complicated and takes quite a long time. 

Principle of polyathlon insurance 

In the event of sustaining an injury (insurance case), the amount of payout depends on the severity of the injury. It means that bigger compensations are provided in case of sustaining serious injuries.  

Insurance compensations in polyathlon can defray both the costs of qualified medical care and expensive medicines. Due to this, an athlete gets reliable insurance in advance. 

Types of polyathlon insurance 

There are many varieties of sports insurance policies. The most popular types are as follows:   

  • Yearly insurance – Insurance covers the whole year (daily training sessions, sports events, etc).
  • Insurance for the period of certain events (its coverage is limited by the terms of competitions).   

Our company offers you an opportunity to register an insurance policy for polyathlon (if necessary, a policy can be issued online). Applying to us, each athlete receives reliable insurance for an affordable price. Insurance payouts can help you to reduce your expenses in case you get injured. It can defray the costs of treatment, rehabilitation procedures and necessary medicines in whole or in part.     

The price of sports insurance for polyathlon