Purchase sports insurance for polyathlon

Because of the high level of injury risk during competitions and training sessions, many athletes decide to purchase polyathlon insurance. Signing the insurance contract makes it possible to exclude the unplanned expenses for purchase of expensive medicines, as well as spend the family budget for long-term treatment and subsequent rehabilitation procedures.

Pricing of polyathlon insurance

  • Age of the insured person (Insurance for younger athletes are less expensive than for the elder ones);
  • Type of insurance and insurance period (our employees are ready to help athletes to pick the most suitable insurance options);
  • Kinds of sports included in polyathlon (each of them has its own level of injury risks. Higher level means higher price of the insurance certificate).

The most convenient and attractive way to register an insurance policy is applying to our online service

If you just urgently need to buy reliable polyathlon insurance, we are ready to offer you this opportunity. You will just have to fill out the form on our website and calculate the final price of your insurance policy.

After you receive your insurance policy via e-mail, you just have to print it. It becomes active immediately after finishing the registration procedure. All certificates issued by our company have full legal force.

The price of sports insurance for polyathlon