Children’s insurance for parkour

Parkour is getting more and more popular among teenagers. This sport attracts boys and girls by its incredible tricks, excitement and feeling of absolute freedom. Their parents should understand that this is an extreme sport, and therefore children’s parkour insurance is a necessity that will allow the receipt of money compensation in case their child gets injured.

Significance of children’s parkour insurance

Of course, parkour is a sport, but it is also a lifestyle where athletes are desperate for any opportunity to overcome obstacles. Parkour have no time limits and once a regular training session is over it continues in everyday life. That’s why the coaches recommend the parents to purchase children’s all-day insurance.

Children's 24-hour insurance is valid all around the world. Such insurance policies provide insurance compensations in the event of any accident, regardless of the time and location. You can purchase children’s insurance on website for a special price. The procedure takes no longer than 7 minutes.

Why do the coaches demand the children to be insured?

Before a teenager is allowed to join a sports club, the coaches have to demand the parents to cover their son or daughter with insurance. Insurance is not only a guarantee of receiving monetary compensations in case of sustaining injuries, but also an access to sports competitions. Having purchased children's 24/7 sports insurance, parents can feel secure, because their child will remain under insurance cover not only while performing tricks, but also at school, at home, and even when visiting foreign countries.

The price of children’s insurance for parkour