Sports insurance for parkour

Parkour is one of the extreme sports where participants overcome different obstacles without using any equipment. Parkour is based on running, jumping, swimming, rock climbing, balancing and martial arts. Taking into account the extreme nature of this sport, parkour insurance is necessary, because any careless movement made by an athlete anytime can result in an accident.

The most common injuries in parkour

The most common injuries in parkour are knee injuries, because athlete's feet take on the hardest overloads. Some other injuries are also not uncommon:

  • Collarbone injuries.
  • Spoke-bone fractures.
  • Wrist joint injuries.
  • Hip muscle injuries.
  • Shin injuries.
  • Feet injuries.

Despite the extreme nature of parkour, deaths in this sport are quite rare. Falling from a height may end up in serious injuries, disability or even death, but this can happen to beginners rather than professional athletes. The main cause of injuries in parkour is the failure to follow the safety regulations.

The coverage of parkour insurance

Sports insurance for parkour is an insurance product that takes into account the statistics of accidents in this presents three types of parkour insurance with worldwide coverage. This means, wherever you go to the competitions, you will always remain under insurance cover, and you will always have an opportunity to receive money compensation, even if an accident occurs outside of Russia.

Accident sports insurance can cover all possible injuries sustained while doing sports, further hospitalization and treatment. You can purchase both adult and a children’s insurance on our website. In addition to accident insurance, our service also offers you travel insurance certificates.

You can register an insurance policy for parkour online within a few minutes without leaving home. All you need to do is enter the correct data in the online calculator form and set the insurance period. After calculating the price you will be offered to sign a contract that has full legal force and complies with the requirements of the current law of the Russian Federation.

The price of sports insurance for parkour