Purchase sports insurance for freediving

All you need to do to purchase freediving insurance is to apply to SPORT.INSURE experts, get advice and sign the contract. The current law of the Russian Federation and most other countries prohibits participation in training sessions, training camps and other sports events without a valid insurance policy.

But sports insurance is not just officials’ requirement, but also a legal protection for a customer who has suffered an injury which affected his or her workability.

Insurance compensations in freediving

The insured amount is specified in the agreement between the insurer and the insured athlete. The amount of compensation is the percentage of the insured amount. Payouts depend on the type and severity of the injury sustained as a result of an insurance case.

These are slight and medium physical injuries, serious injuries that lead to disability and death. Medical follow-up determines the approximate terms of recovery, health consequences that can follow as a result of the injury and other factors. Based on the medical report, the amount of payments is being determined.

If an athlete decides to purchase freediving insurance, he or she might be interested in such basic items as:

  • Insurance period;
  • Price of insurance;
  • Insurance coverage.

A policy can be issued for the duration of training process, certain sports events or for the whole year. The final price is being formed depending on the insurance period, insured amount and age of the insured athlete. Travel insurance for foreign trips has to be issued separately.

SPORT.INSURE offers you an opportunity to cover yourself with accident insurance at the most favorable conditions. Our employees are ready to advise you on the issues of insurance legislation and help you to save your money.

The price of sports insurance for freediving