Purchase sports insurance for parachuting

The modern legislation of Russia requires each athlete and fan of this extreme sport to purchase parachuting insurance. No officially employed parachuting instructor or club manager can allow an uninsured person to parachute jumps. This paper provides the guarantees not only for the instructors, but also for the athletes themselves.

Insurance compensations in parachuting

An insurance payout is a monetary compensation which is determined by the terms of the agreement between the person and the insurance company. The amount of compensation is always determined individually. The insured person receives guaranteed compensation in the following cases:

  • Slight injuries;
  • Medium injuries that affect the workability;
  • Serious physical injuries that lead to long-term disability;
  • Permanent disability (up to 90%);

In case of death, the family is paid out 100% of the insured amount.

Pricing of parachuting insurance

SPORT.INSURE sets the prices for insurance certificates taking into account the type of insurance document (accident insurance; travel insurance). Insurance policies which are valid outside of the Russian Federation have to be issued in addition to standard insurance. Insurance period also affects the price. It can be limited to one or several days if an athlete participates in one-off events. It is also possible to cover yourself with insurance for the whole year.

The price of sports insurance for parachuting