Sports insurance for parachuting

Inexpensive parachuting insurance is not just a formality. Skydiving is a dangerous extreme sport. Participation of uninsured persons is forbidden by the law. The insurance documents have to be verified by the instructors. They are legally responsible and might at least lose his job in case of rules violation.

Thousands of people around the world get injured when landing every year. Sometimes parachutes fail to work and it leads to deaths. That’s why sports insurance is a must for everyone who is ready to take the risk. Having purchased parachuting insurance, an athlete gets a solid guarantee of financial support from the insurance company in case of an accident.

Injuries in parachuting. Causes of injuries

Everything can happen in the air and when hitting the ground. Cords can get tangled up, the dome gets blocked and the athlete has to use backup parachute. Hitting the ground at high speed often leads to serious physical injuries. Most often athletes get their arms and legs broken. Spine injuries are also not uncommon. Knee joints experience tremendous overloads. This is not to mention bruises, sprains and even frostbite. A skydiver can fall on a tree or in water and it can lead to unpredictable consequences.

Coverage of parachuting insurance

What guarantees does the client get purchasing a policy online on our company’s website? Insurance payouts are provided in case of sustaining any injuries as the result of accidents prescribed in the insurance contract. These are physical injuries picked up during training sessions or at competitions.

Depending on the type of insurance policy, financial assistance from the insurance company can be directed to payment for services of commercial diagnostic centers and clinics, purchase of medicines and other special means, rehabilitation procedures in specialized institutions. The maximum amount of payouts is provided in case of disability or death.

Types of insurance for parachuting

SPORT.INSURE offers you several types of insurance:

  • Accident insurance;
  • Travel insurance.

They differ in price, insurance coverage and other parameters. The insurance period is determined individually by our clients. It is possible to register an insurance policy for several days, a month or a year. Insurance period affects the final price of the service. You can get free consultations before purchase. Our employees are ready to answer all questions, give you personal recommendations and help you to choose the most profitable conditions.

The price of sports insurance for parachuting