Sports insurance for swimming

Some people don’t understand why swimming insurance is necessary, considering the level of injuries in these disciplines to be minimal. But any exercises associated with physical overloads can cause injuries to muscles, ligaments, joints and spine diseases. This often becomes the reason of chronic occupational diseases.

Compulsory insurance for swimming training sessions and competitions

In order to compete at professional level, an athlete is required accident swimming insurance for the period of training sessions and competitions. It can defray the costs of treatment, rehabilitation and hospitalization. Medicines and medical services are not cheap. If you are not a star of Ian Thorpe’s level, then you can hardly afford an expensive surgery or purchase of new generation medicines.

Considering traumatism in swimming, we can name some problems which are typical for different swim styles:

  • Backstroke is characterized by shoulder joint injuries. Such inflammatory diseases as bursitis can put an athlete out of action for a long period;
  • In breaststroke there are enormous overloads on knee joints;
  • In every swim style there is a risk of sustaining a supine-adduction injury. Bone fractures are also not uncommon;
  • Eye and ear diseases (conjunctivitis, otitis);
  • The impact of chlorine in pool water negatively affects athlete’s health;
  • Concussions and bone fractures are possible. A swimmer can hit the board of the pool having failed to stop.

Taking these nuances into account, coaches and managers of swimming schools and sports clubs require all athletes to be insured. Now you can register an insurance policy for swimming online without facing any difficulties.

Types of swimming insurance

In addition to standard compulsory health insurance, it is recommended to purchase accident insurance. For those athletes who participate in international competitions, it is necessary to get travel insurance certificates. There is also voluntary health insurance which may include any additional options.

The amounts of insurance compensations depend on the type of the injury or disease, which has to be determined by medical experts. The maximum coverage is provided in case of disability or death as a result of physical injuries. employees are ready to help you to save your money and pick the most suitable insurance for swimming. They can tell you about existing insurance products, explain you their advantages and ask any of you questions.

The price of sports insurance for swimming