Children’s insurance for swimming

How and for what reasons children swimming insurance is issued before a child starts swimming in a pool? If we talk about professional training sessions at a sport school, insurance has to be verified by the coaching staff. It is their duty, because each coach is responsible for children’s health. Any incident which ends up in health consequences may force the coach to resign from his or her position. Even trials are possible.

Young organism is much less protected than adult’s one. Joints, muscles, ligaments, bones, are fragile and prone to various injuries.

From parents’ point of view, sports insurance is the only way to receive monetary compensation in the event of an accident. Sprains, dislocations, bone fractures, inflammatory diseases and colds are possible during training sessions, at competitions and training camps.

Types of children’s swimming insurance

Each type of insurance certificate means a certain insurance period:

  • One day;
  • Period of competitions only;
  • One year.

It indicates the types of insurance cases when compensations are provided and the percentage of the insured amount for each of these cases. The easiest option is to purchase sports insurance online without being forced to collect numerous documents. On website you can learn more about the Insurance Rules, insurance coverage and other important information.

A policy can be issued for the period of any sports activities that take place in Russia. If you are going to visit any foreign countries you will need additional travel insurance. Our employees are ready to tell you about all the insurance conditions; help you with the registration and answer any of your questions. The whole procedure takes just a few minutes.

The price of children’s insurance for swimming