Children’s insurance for beach tennis

Summer games are the most popular sports among teenagers. Today more and more children decide to start playing beach tennis. According to statistics, this summer sport is the most promising and actively developing one in the world. For this reason, children’s beach tennis insurance has already become a must and it is required right before a teenager is allowed to enter a sports club.

Who is obliged to insure the children

Some parents are sure that sports insurance should be registered by sports schools and sections, but, unfortunately, this is not true. In fact there are some clubs that take on this responsibility, but most often insurance in such clubs has minimum coverage and is valid only through the period of sports competitions. Moreover, not all clubs are able to insure teenagers. Only those who have the possibility to get money from the state budget can do it. So, most parents should purchase insurance for their children.

Children’s beach tennis insurance is a guarantee of receiving insurance compensations in the event of an accident. Coaches require the parents to purchase such policies, because every young athlete is exposed to a daily risk of getting injured during training sessions. Purchasing a children's insurance certificate online, please pay your attention to its coverage. SPORT.INSURE offers you 24 hour children’s health insurance with worldwide coverage. This product will provide your child with insurance not only during training sessions and sports competitions, but also in everyday life.

The price of children’s insurance for beach tennis