Sports insurance for beach tennis

Beach tennis is one of the most unusual and entertaining sports. It combines classic tennis and beach volleyball. Beach tennis competitions are held in a special festal atmosphere which includes dancing, cheerleading, music and cheerful fans. Nowadays, as this sport is gaining more and more popularity, beach tennis insurance has become one of the key conditions of participation in various tournaments.

Most common injuries in beach tennis

Despite all the festivity and brightness of beach tennis, like any sport, it bears a certain risk of getting injured during training sessions and competitions. The most common injuries in this sport are:

  • Ankle dislocations.
  • Knee injuries.
  • Spinal injuries.
  • Wrist dislocations.
  • Shoulder joint dislocations.

Experts mean that the most common causes of injuries in this sport are failure to follow the instructions, athletes’ overfatigue and poor physical training. However, as practice shows, one careless move can lead to injury, and for this reason insurance for beach tennis is necessary for every athlete, regardless of his or her training experience.

Insurance coverage

Sports insurance covers all the basic risks associated with this sport. Having purchased a policy online, the insured athlete will receive compensation in the event of an insurance case in any country of the world. This means that purchasing standard insurance for beach tennis players, you no longer need to think about buying an additional policy for foreign trips.

SPORT.INSURE offers you various types of sports insurance online for special prices for any kind of sports. You can purchase the following sports insurance policies on our website:

  • Accident insurance which covers accidents that occur while doing sports.
  • Travel insurance for foreign trips.

You can buy any of the aforementioned insurance policies online within 7 minutes on our company's website. In order to calculate the price of insurance in advance, you have to enter all the necessary data in the insurance calculator form. Insurance can be purchased only after the provision of all required documents proving the identity of the insured person.

The price of sports insurance for beach tennis