Beach Tennis Insurance

Beach tennis is not yet as popular in our country as other kinds of sports. It has just started to gain its popularity and is now one of the most promising directions of summer sports. There are only a few opportunities to purchase beach tennis insurance. Most often, insurers offer athletes to buy a standard sports insurance policy offline at fix prices for all kinds of sports.

SPORT.INSURE offers you a completely different insurance product for beach tennis. There is a special tariff for this sport which allows you to reduce significantly the expenses on buying a policy in accordance with the level of injury risks in this sport. You can register insurance for beach tennis online on the company's website within a few minutes. The price will be advantageous to differ from the standard types of insurance certificates.

What does the price of beach tennis insurance depend on

The price of insurance for beach tennis players is calculated individually. Pricing includes the following factors:

  • Age of the insured athlete.
  • Insurance period.
  • Insured amount.
  • Type of insurance.

You can learn the final price of insurance using a special online insurance calculator which you can find on our company's website. You can purchase an online insurance policy both for yourself and for any other person, including foreign citizens. Both adult and children’s insurance certificates are available on our website. The minimal cost of a policy is 50 rub. All policies issued by SPORT.INSURE are valid in all countries of the world. After signing the contract, you will receive your insurance policy via e-mail. It is also possible to order an original paper.

The price of sports insurance for beach tennis