insurance for finswimming

Finswimming is one of the kinds of sports that even children with medical contraindications can do. Training sessions allow them to develop physical strength, strengthen the spine and cardiovascular system. Parents choose this sport for their children if they want to take care of their children’s health. However, you should know that children’s finswimming insurance is strictly required for participation in training process.

Children’s insurance and its features

Children's insurance is an insurance product which is characterized by an extended coverage and applies only to children and teenagers aged under 18. 24 hour insurance has the maximum coverage options. Such certificates cover absolutely all the risks of accidents and injuries, which affect the workability, regardless of the circumstances of the accidents.

Such 24 hour insurance can be purchased online on our website. An insurance policy can be valid through a period of 1 day up to 1 year. Insurance has also worldwide coverage, and suits perfectly for both daily domestic sports activities and traveling abroad to various competitions and training camps.

Why do the coaches demand to insure the children

Every child in the group has to be covered with finswimming insurance. These instructors’ requirements are based on the current laws. According to the law, if a child is involved in professional sports and participates in competitions organized by sports federations, he or she must be insured.

The price of the children’s insurance for finswimming