Sports insurance for finswimming

Finswimming is an exciting sport that differs from ordinary water sports by the high speed of underwater swimming without using any additional equipment. Every athlete is required to be covered with finswimming insurance, because any water sport is associated with certain risks.

Injuries in finswimming

According to statistics, the number of injuries in finswimming is not larger than those in other water sports. The coaches mean that all injuries in this kind of sports are mainly sustained by swimmers when they don’t observe basic precautionary measures or when the muscles are not warmed up enough. There are some injuries which are considered to be usual for finswimming.

  • Shoulder joint injuries.
  • Vertebral column injuries.
  • Muscle injuries.
  • Bruises.

Accident insurance covers all the aforementioned injuries and other possible injuries that may be sustained as a result of an accident. Sports insurance is a special insurance product which was developed in accordance with the risks of sports injuries. The risk of injuries in sports is higher than in everyday life. That’s why every athlete is required to have an actual sports insurance certificate, which can be purchased online on our website within a few minutes.

Types of finswimming insurance

Our sports insurance service offers several types of certificates, which were created specifically for finswimming. We take into account the low level of risk in this sport and offer you to purchase finswimming insurance for a special price. You can apply for insurance online on our website within a few minutes. You will receive your insurance certificate via e-mail immediately after making payment. You should pay your attention to the fact that electronic insurance policies issued by our company have full legal force and meet the requirements of the current law. There are following types of insurance:

  • Short-term insurance (24 hours – few days). Such certificates are needed for one-time events or for the duration of important sports competitions. It is possible that a coach or one of participants applies for group insurance for the entire team.
  • Medium-term insurance. These policies are valid through the selected period (few days up to several months). Such insurance would be a perfect choice for traveling to training camps which take place overseas, sports competition or active recreation.
  • Long-term insurance. Yearly insurance is suitable for daily training sessions. Having purchased this type of insurance, athletes do not need to buy additional certificates for participation in sports competitions or traveling to foreign countries.

All insurance policies issued by SPORT.INSURE have worldwide coverage. Insurance can be purchased by any person who has valid passport data of the athlete.

The price of sports insurance for finswimming