insurance for finswimming

You can now purchase finswimming insurance for both children and adults on our website. The process will take you no longer than 7 minutes, and after making payment you will receive your insurance policy via e-mail. If necessary, you can order an original version of your insurance certificate, but as practice shows, coaches and officials also accept certificates printed using an ordinary printer.

Features of online insurance

Online insurance for finswimming has such special features as:

  • An insurance policy can be purchase by an athlete or any other person who can provide valid passport data of the insured athlete.
  • The price of insurance is calculated individually and depends on the age of the insured person and on the selected insurance period.
  • Insurance policies can be issued right before the start of sports competitions or travel to a foreign country. The procedure of issuance takes just a few minutes.
  • It is possible to purchase finswimming insurance using any device connected to the Internet.
  • You are free to set any insured amount and insurance period you like.
  • The calculated price remains unchanged while signing the contract.

Insurance payouts

The amounts of insurance payouts in finswimming are calculated individually as well as the price in each insurance case. In order to receive monetary compensation, you have to apply for medical assistance in case of suffering an injury. Before you leave the hospital it is necessary to take a certificate of the prescribed type which should contain valid doctor and hospital seals. After that you will have to provide our company with these papers to receive compensation.

The price of sports insurance for finswimming