Children’s insurance for beach football

Beach football has gained large popularity among children and teenagers. Today many of them choose this particular sport, because the game is particularly fascinating, entertaining and much less traumatic than its grass analogue. However, despite the relative safety of this sport, children’s beach football insurance is required if a child decides to become a member of a team. This requirement is justified by the age rules. Uninsured children may not be allowed to take part in competitions and training sessions.

Types of children’s beach football insurance

Children’s insurance for beach football can be either standard or extended. Extended insurance policies have all-day coverage. This provides the parents with a guarantee of receiving insurance compensations in the event of an accident that might occur in everyday life. Standard insurance for beach football issued by SPORT.INSURE is valid during the period of training sessions, sports competition and training camps and the covers also the way to the training pitch and back.

Are coaches’ requirements legitimate

In most sports clubs and schools, coaches demand the parents to insure their children right from the start of training process. Contrary to the opinion of many parents, this demand is justified and legitimate. Children’s insurance is not just a guarantee of receiving payouts in case of an accident, but it is also admission to important sports competitions, tournaments and training camps that take place abroad. If your child is uninsured, he or she might just stay at home, while all his team will go for medals and cups. You can calculate the final price of insurance for your child online in advance and purchase it on our website within 7 minutes.

The price of children’s insurance for beach football