Purchase sports insurance for beach football

You no longer need to visit various insurance companies and look for the most attractive conditions to purchase beach football insurance. Today we are ready to offer you an independent insurance product which was created specifically for beach football players. SPORT.INSURE offers insurance for this particular sport taking into account the low level of risks of getting injured while playing beach football.

Pricing of insurance

The price of a policy on SPORT.INSURE depends on several basic factors. The most important ones in the pricing of an insurance product are age of the insured athlete, coverage of the policy and insurance period. Also, our company takes into account the specificity of the sport when signing the contract. It means that insurance for so-called safe sports is much cheaper than the standard sports insurance.

Where to purchase beach football insurance

You can register insurance for beach football online on our company’s website. Similar services are offered by hundreds of companies that sell insurance certificates offline. It is up to you where to buy insurance, but according to statistics, most athletes prefer to get insured online, because it is the fastest, the most reliable and secure way to cover oneself with insurance.

SPORT.INSURE is a specialized online insurance service. You can apply for an insurance certificate within a few minutes and receive a state-recognized certificate that meets all the requirements of the current law. The price of insurance can be calculated in advance and it will remain unchanged when signing the contract.

Before purchasing a policy, please read terms and conditions carefully and pick the most favorable tariff and type of insurance. The certificate can be issued for the period of 1 day up to 1 year. It is also possible to cover yourself with insurance for the duration of certain events only.

The price of sports insurance for beach football