insurance for beach football

Beach football is based on the traditional ball game. However, in this sport it is much harder for the players to handle the ball and move on the loose sandy pitch. That’s why only the most enduring and strong players can reach success in beach football. Beach football insurance is not just a certificate that grants the players the right of participation in tournaments, but it is also a necessity that will allow them to receive monetary compensations in case of getting injured.

The most common injuries in beach football

Due to the fact that beach football players are on the pitch without shoes, the most common injury in this sport is a toe fracture. This injury requires hospitalization and qualified treatment, as well as proper rehabilitation process. In this case beach football insurance becomes a significant support in paying the bills for medical services. The are some other injuries which beach football players often sustain.

  • Dislocations.
  • Spinal injuries.
  • Bruises of soft tissues.
  • Toe bruises.
  • Head injuries.
  • Sprains.
  • Torn ligaments.

All the aforementioned injuries and some other possible ones are covered by beach football insurance. Having registered a policy online, the insured player can get insurance payout in the event of an accident in any country of the world.

Types of sports insurance

Sports insurance is not just an insurance policy; it is a product that takes into account the risks of getting injured while doing sports. SPORT.INSURE offers several types of sports insurance for beach football players. The most popular type of insurance purchased by athletes is accident insurance. Such certificates cover accidents that occur during training sessions and sports competitions.

Today we are ready to offer the beach football players various types of insurance certificates including travel insurance (for foreign trips). Unforeseen medical expenses that players might face while staying in a foreign country are considered as insurance cases.

You can apply for single or group sports insurance online. Individual insurance policies will be issued for each team or group member. All insurance certificates have full legal force and meet the requirements of the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation.

The price of sports insurance for beach football