Children’s insurance for table tennis

Table tennis is not just entertainment, tournaments, prizes, cups and medals, but also unavoidable injuries. Young athletes risk no less than adult tennis players, as the children's fragile body is much more prone to various injuries.

Mums and dads should take care of purchasing sports insurance. It is not necessary to go to the office of the insurance company. You can register children’s table tennis insurance online by filling out a simple form on SPORT.INSURE.

Significance of children’s insurance for table tennis

Insurance allows you to protect yourself and your child from unforeseen expenses in the event of an insurance case. Accidents and injuries are unfortunately an integral part of table tennis.

Long-term insurance is valid through one year if your child regularly trains in a sports school or club. It is also possible to cover your child with insurance for a few days for period of participation in competitions or staying in a training camp.

Requirements of table tennis clubs

The coaches at sports schools and table tennis clubs strictly recommend the parents to purchase children’s insurance. Dealing with athletes aged under 18 is always a huge risk and responsibility. That’s why competition organizers and management of sports schools and clubs don’t allow the uninsured children to participate in training sessions and competitions. 

The price of children’s insurance for table tennis